Module Descriptors (Course Book) of Semester System   الموديول ديسكريبتور او الكورس بوك لنظام السمستر
Faculty of Engineering (FENG)
  1. Department of Software Engineering (DSWEEdit
  2. Department of Architectural Engineering (DAREEdit
  3. Department of Civil Engineering (DCENEdit
  4. Department of Geotechnical Engineering (DGENEdit
  5. Department of Petroleum Engineering (DPTEEdit
  6. Department of Chemical Engineering (DCHEEdit
  7. Department of Manufacturing Engineering (DMFEEdit

Faculty of Science and Health (FSCH)
  1. Department of Biology (DBIOEdit 
  2. Department of Chemistry (DCHMEdit
  3. Department of Mathematics (DMATEdit
  4. Department of Physics (DPHYEdit
  5. Department of Clinical Psychology (DCPSEdit
  6. Department of Medical Microbiology (DMEMEdit
School of Physical Education (SPHE) Edit
  1.  Department of Physical Education (DPHEEdit

Faculty of Education (FEDU)
  1. Department of Kurdish Language (DKUREdit.
  2. Department of Arabic Language (DARBEdit.
  3. Department of English Language (DENLEdit.
  4. Department of Geography (DGEOEdit.
  5. Department of History (DHISEdit
  6. Department of Kindergarten (DKIN) Edit .
  7. Department of Physical Education (DPHE) Edit
  8. Department of Educational Psychology (DEPSEdit
  9. Department of Religious Education (DREL) Edit
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS)
  1. Department of Law (DLAW)  Edit
  2. Department of Accounting  (DACC)  | Edit
  3. Department of Administration  (DADM)  | Edit
  4. Department of English Language (DENG)  Edit
School of Medicine (SMED)  Edit